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Artist/Composer Title Release Year Format Length Genre Label Tracks
Various Artists [Rock and Roll] Melbourne Yard 2006 CD 76:06 Dub World 14
Various Artists [Soundtrack] West Side Story 1960 CD 51:13 Musicals/Broadway; General Soundtrack; Film Soundtrack 15
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Lawrence of Arabia 1962 LP 33:21 General Soundtrack Astor 14
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Finians Rainbow 1968 LP 26:46 General Soundtrack Warner Bros./7 Arts 10
Various Artists [Soundtrack] A Clockwork Orange 1972 CD 46:15 Film Soundtrack Warner Bros. 15
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Clockwork Orange 1972 LP 46:15 General Soundtrack Warner Bros. 15
Various Artists [Soundtrack] American Graffiti 1973 LP 100:19 Soundtrack MCA2 41
Various Artists [Soundtrack] The Sting 1973 LP 29:57 Jazz - Ragtime MCA 11
Various Artists [Soundtrack] The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 LP 43:48 General Soundtrack Ode 14
Various Artists [Soundtrack] The Big Chill 1983 LP 31:13 Rock: General; Soundtrack Motown 10
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Paris, Texas 1984 LP 34:07 General Soundtrack Warner Bros. 10
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Crossroads 1986 LP 37:40 General Soundtrack Warner Bros. 11
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Good Morning Vietnam 1987 CD 34:36 Rock; Film Soundtrack A&M 19
Various Artists [Soundtrack] La Bamba 1987 LP 30:53 General Soundtrack London 12
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Radio Days 1987 LP 00:00 Jazz: Big Band/Swing; Soundtrack RCA 0
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Woodstock 1994 LP 103:01 Film Soundtrack Cotillion 21
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Big Lebowski (Soundtrack) 1997 CD 51:42 Rock; Film Soundtrack Polygram 14
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Pleasantville 1999 CD 47:36 Film Soundtrack Sony 12
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Almost Famous 2000 CD 70:47 Rock: Classic; Film Soundtrack Dreamworks 17
Various Artists [Soundtrack] Easy Rider 2000 LP 37:11 General Soundtrack Dunhill 10
Various Artists [Soundtrack] High Fidelity 2000 CD 65:01 General Soundtrack; Film Soundtrack Hollywood Records 15
Various Artists [Soundtrack] I Am Sam ( European Version+2 Bonus Tracks ) 2001 CD 62:17 Film Soundtrack; Rock Bmg/V2 19
Various Artists [The Blues Collection] The Blues Collection CD 4295:33 Blues 1304
Various Artists [Tribute] Hank Williams: Timeless 2001 CD 43:12 General Folk Lost Highway Records 12
Various Artists: Film Soundtrack Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll 1987 LP 00:00 Rock: Rock and Roll; Soundtrack MCA 0
Velvet Underground, The The Velvet Underground and Nico 1967 LP 48:51 Blues: Rock Verve 11
Velvet Underground, The The Best Of The Velvet Underground 2000 CD 65:09 Rock: Garage/Proto punk Polydor 11
Ventures, The The Ventures Greatest Hits 1980 LP 00:00 Blues: Rock Tridex 0
Vince Jones and Grace Slick Come In Spinner 1990 LP 00:00 Blues: Rock ABC (Australia) 14
Waifs, The Up All Night 2003 CD 47:39 Folk: Progressive Jarrah Records 12

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